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We are a group of women with a zest for life—and making life happen. We believe in the transformational power of children and think that everyone deserves the right to enjoy the beauty, the trials and the triumph of experiencing parenthood.

We are so excited to begin a dialogue with you, to get to know you and to witness some magic together.

Surrogacy In Canada – ANU Fertility Consultants Ltd. (ANU) is a full-service Canadian Surrogacy consultancy. ANU works closely with Intended Parents to explore the range of options available to create a family.

We are an inclusive consultancy, where we work with Intended Parents who are heterosexual or GLBTIPQ, singles and couples, and all ages. ANU is committed to having ongoing communication, respect, courtesy and compassion with everyone involved. We have helped make dreams a reality for Intended Parents in Canada and around the world, and we have surrogate mother angels and egg donors across Canada.

We believe in timely responses to emails and calls with on-going communication from beginning to end, to help find the balance between hope and optimistic caution with IVF Fertility. If at any time, we do not have an answer, then we will use our resources to get you the answers so that you can move forward with confidence.

Lorraine Brown, Founder and Managing Director

lorraine-brownLorraine’s passion for surrogacy began back in 2005 when a close friend struggled with infertility. Lorraine shares with us, “it was always so “black and white” when you were young. You met someone, fell in love, got married and had babies. It was the natural order of life”.

It was not until Lorraine researched becoming a surrogate for the first time in 2005 that she realized that there were many shades of grey in life. Lorraine knew this may not be what we were taught growing up, and surrogacy or adoption was probably not your first choice in having your child, but she can tell you from personal experience that surrogacy can be a wonderful journey when you do it … “For the Love of It!”

Facing this task without the guidance and support of an experienced fertility consultant can be an overwhelming prospect as she learned quickly. It then born AFC to make sure everyone felt the support and care that is needed during what can be an emotional journey.

Along the way Lorraine made great industry connections and working partnerships with professionals worldwide to ensure that she can help to develop the fertility plan that best suits your needs.

Having worked in the Canadian fertility sector since 2009, Lorraine’s previous experience as a small business owner and educational background with a business certificate and a LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse has been an asset throughout.

Karen Bourdages, International Intended Parents Mentor

karen-bourdagesKaren joins ANU Fertility Consultants Ltd with a passion for parenthood and direct experience with the power of mentorship.  As a person who regards the privilege and responsibility of being a parent with breathless awe, she understands the deep calling to parenthood.  She is pleased and excited to pour her skills and abilities into mentoring intended parents through the intensely personal and passionate journey of becoming parents through egg donors and/or surrogacy.

Karen brings to ANU Fertility Consultants a skill set developed from a range of professional and personal experiences. In 1994 Karen graduated magna cum laude with a BSc in Biology and Chemistry from Walla Walla University.  Her studies emphasized reproduction, embryology, genetics, molecular genetics with laboratory techniques as well as organic and biochemistry.  She has used that degree as the foundation for a service which includes mentoring high school science students’ online, agricultural applications in the reproduction of dairy and beef cattle, and as a trained birth doula.  Karen and her husband also operate a long-standing service business, where Karen serves as part-time office manager and bookkeeper.

Karen lives with her husband and three teen children in rural Alberta, where the family can be found often outdoors with a horse or a dirt bike or at the hockey rink chasing a dream.

Jessica Suzanski, North American Parents Mentor

jessica-suzanskiJessica brings to ANU Fertility Consultants, Ltd a wealth of diverse skills and experiences that make her a fabulous Intended Parent Mentor.  Jessica earned a BA in Music from the University of Alberta, specializing in piano, saxophone, and voice.  She is also a certified esthetician and personal and group fitness trainer.  Jessica has a passion for travel and has spent several years living abroad and teaching English in South Korea. In addition to all of this, Jessica brings her own personal experience as an Intended Parent to the role.

Jessica and her husband are the proud parents of preschool twin girls, born via surrogacy.  She knows firsthand the roller coaster ride of infertility and surrogacy.  She has experienced both the devastation that comes with infertility and miscarriage and the joy that comes from a child through the gift of surrogacy.  Her passion is helping other Intended Parents experience a journey with surrogacy that is as smooth as possible.

Jessica lives with her husband and miracle Surro Girls in Camrose, Alberta.  Amid the busyness of life, she and her husband love every moment spent with the girls, they are often found at the park, or bent over teaching them to ride bikes!

Lynda Elves, Intended Parent and Surrogate Liaison

lynda-elvesLynda is thrilled to be a part of the ANU Fertility Consultants Family supporting surrogates through their journeys.  Having come from an extensive health care background as a RPN, Registered Psychiatric Nurse, and Support Counsellor for pregnant and parenting youth and recently became a certified Doula, she has developed an amazing amount of empathy and the ability to support clients going through challenging times.
Her passion for surrogacy started years ago when she felt a strong desire to carry a baby for somebody who otherwise wouldn’t realize their dream of becoming a parent. It is the utmost privilege to be a part of such a special journey and to help complete families. Being an experienced surrogate is an honour and truly one of her greatest blessings.

She is the proud mom of two young adults and her husband in Ottawa, Ontario and her recently their family through adoption – you never know what life has in store!

She is so excited to extend her love for helping others in the capacity of supporting surrogates through their journeys!

Christina Wallis, West Coast Surrogate Support Coordinator

christina-wallisChristina joins ANU Fertility Consultants Ltd as a super hero 3 time Surrogate Mom.  No surprise, if you were to ask those closest to her to describe her, ‘selfless’, ‘kind’, and ‘loving’ are words often used.  We, at AFC are pleased to have Christina’s experience as a surrogate and her passion for helping directed at supporting the surrogate mom’s on our team.

Christina makes her home in Surrey, BC, where she is a proud single mom of two boys, ages eleven and seven.  When she gets a free afternoon, Christina loves a little girly pampering – a pedicure and movie make her day.

Christina is passionate about making sure everyone, from the IP’s to the Surrogates and Egg Donors always feel loved and supported – Everyone is important!

Merissa Stephens, Egg Donor Coordinator

merissa-stephensMerissa comes to ANU Fertility Consultants, Ltd with a great deal of personal experience and passion for helping others build their families through the priceless gift of egg donation and surrogacy.

The best of Merissa’s time goes into making memories with her two precious daughters. Merissa’s other interests include renovating her Maple Ridge, BC home, spending time online and shopping – all of the above with a Frappuccino in hand!  With three egg donation success stories, she is often found sharing photos and memories of her experiences with anyone who will listen!

‘Sometimes when making something so precious, beautiful and unique, it takes an extra helping heart.’  Merissa brings that helping heart to the ANU family, and is looking forward to being a part of the support team as for egg donors and surrogates.

Lori Christenson, Accounting Manager

lori-christensonLori joins ANU Fertility Consultants with a strong and unique background that combines both finance and pregnancy, labour and delivery.  Lori’s resume includes office management, many years in the Canadian banking industry and is a CAPPA certified Labour and Postpartum Doula.  After eight years as a stay-at-home mom, Lori has chosen to re-enter the workforce with ANU as our Accounting Manager.  She enjoys helping Intended Parents and Surrogates navigate the financial part of the journey, and loves seeing the beautiful families that ANU Fertility Consultants Ltd help create.
Lori lives in central Alberta with her husband and two school-aged children.  They all enjoy family time camping, boating, and fishing, along with music lessons, hockey, and dance.  Life is full and blessed, and Lori is looking forward to watching other families grow!

Anne Marie Haughton, Surrogate and Egg Donor Support Coordinator

Surrogacy in CanadaAnne Marie has joined AFC in 2009 and is the point person for our Donors and Surrogates. She is a FIVE-time donor and THREE-time surrogate which brings with her a lot of experience, advice, and compassion for our Surrogates and Donors. Anne Marie’s educational background as a Social Out Reach Worker. Giving comes as a second nature to her – it is for that reason that Surrogacy/Egg Donation was a wonderful stepping stone for her.

Anne Marie lives in Pickering, Ontario and is a proud Mom of two beautiful children ages 6 and 1. Her family is blended, making her no stranger to unique ways of making families come to be. She has a passion for helping build families through non-traditional means as she has experienced firsthand how trying and difficult fertility issues can be on a family. Marie looks forward to being able to support our Surrogates and Donors from the introduction to post-birth.

Heather Sharp, West Coast Surrogate Support and Mentor

Heather joins ANU Fertility Consultants Ltd. with a passion for surrogacy, birth and supporting women. With her personal experience as a surrogate mother and a big heart she is a wonderful addition to the team.

Heather is a fierce stay-at-home single parent to her four children and makes her home in Edmonton, Alberta. When she isn’t working you can find her spending time with her kiddos, in the gym or enjoying a slice of pizza!