Bye, Bye, Bikini!

 In Surrogates

Want to know what is incredibly sexy? A woman wearing a bikini with a billion holes on both sides of your rear hips/back. I can see it now, someone coming up to me while I am swimming or at the beach and saying “Excuse me, I don’t mean to pry, but have you thought about getting help for that?” – as they point to the holes in my hip regions, thinking I am some sort of druggie on something that is injectable (which I have no freaking idea what I could compare to since I’ve never been on any drugs, including marijuana, in my life…ya, no thanks).

So, this morning, I left my house at 9:15 AM heading to an appointment that was at 11:00 AM, because I knew that I needed to get a head start considering today is the day that the Parapan Am Games start in Toronto, so traffic was going to be an adventure. Thankfully, and despite 12 extra minutes of delays in parking lot traffic (meaning it didn’t move an inch for a bit), I still arrived 40 minutes prior to the appointment. I went to pay for the parking only to find out the bloody thing doesn’t take bills; what kind of machine doesn’t take bills, but takes credit or petty change…for crying out loud. So there I was, gathering all the change I had (thankfully had even some, which I never do) and finally got out the $7.00 and went to put it in, only for it to not accept a dime, I look at it and realize, oh look! an american dime. Seriously…grrr! So I went back to my car and got a different dime and finally it worked. By then, it was now 10:45, I had wasted 25 minutes on running back and forth to my car. Stupid thing.

I got upstairs and signed myself in and waited. At 11:10 AM, I was finally called in. I was brought into the ultrasound room, stripped off my bottoms and climbed up onto the table and away the technician went. It was quick, just a few screen captures and then we were done, easily about 10 minutes. Then, it was more waiting. Once everything was put together, I was brought into a conference room and a nurse explained to me the protocol that was now going to occur, and what I now had to all take…excellent!! We are getting closer.

She explained what was going to happen for the transfer and answered all the questions I had! She was great, as usual. She then handed me the two bags…one with 21 needles, 21 separate needle heads, 20 alcohol wipes, 2 containers of the Ethy Oleate. Then in the other, was 60 progesterone suppositories with a few applicators. I was a little shocked at first, but then I just remembered that this was all worth it in the end!! So, I’m really now a walking drugstore.

So, now, starting tomorrow, I have to do an intramuscular injection of the Ethy Oleate once a day, 3 vaginal suppositories a day, AND take the Doxycycline, Estrace, Prenatal vitamin, and Aspirin. It’s insane! However, what is even more insane, is the size of the damn needles!! *gasp* well…I’ll only do it because I have to, haha! just kidding, I’d do it in a heartbeat for my IP’s, they deserve it.

After being taught how to inject the needle (which I will discuss tomorrow), I asked some more questions about the transfer and also found out that my Endometrium is 10mm, which is great! The average is about 7mm and above, so it was perfect! Hello fluffy bed for my IP’s future baby! Then I left and headed home.

I got out to my car and got in and just sat there for a few minutes; I looked over at the passenger seat and looked at the papers and all the medications and began to tear up. I honestly, couldn’t be more proud to do this for such an amazing couple and I feel they are honestly the most deserving couple I have ever met, they deserve this, and it brought me tears just feeling so happy for them knowing it was just around the corner before the transfer and *hopefully* a healthy pregnancy. I sent a picture to one of my IP’s and showed them how I was just so excited and literally tearing up…the response I got was “Oh thank you. I will cry if you continue”…melted my heart.

So, we are 4.5 days left till the transfer that is scheduled for Wednesday, August 12th, 2015 in the early morning! And I will post tomorrow about how my first intramuscular injection goes *eep*. I wish you all a wonderful weekend and look forward to updating you more on the journey!!

Lots of Love Xx