howitworksThe embryo transfer procedure will be performed two to five days after the donor or intended parents’ eggs have been harvested and fertilized. Embryo transfers usually take approximately twenty minutes. The embryo transfer is performed with a very fine catheter that is inserted vaginally into the uterus through the cervix. Surrogates will be required to stay and rest in the IVF clinic for approximately twenty minutes to one hour following the transfer procedure. She may also be required to stay in a nearby hotel for a bed rest period of time as specified by the clinic, which is usually between 24-48 hours.

If the surrogate is required to fly for the procedure, she may be required to stay through the period specified for bed rest. This decision will be made by the physician and intended parents. All expenses will be covered by the intended parents as recieptable expenses.

Following the embryo transfer the surrogate’s activity may be limited. These limitations will be determined by the clinic and intended parents.

Surrogacy really does require a large commitment on the part of the surrogate and everyone will be counting on her to do all she can to make the cycle a success. For the surrogate the benefit will be the satisfaction of knowing she tried to help someone who might otherwise not be able to have a child. The gift a surrogate offers is beyond measure and we know there is nothing more satisfying for our surrogates than when she delivers a beautiful, healthy baby and places that baby in the arms of the waiting parents …”For The Love Of It!”.

We are deeply committed to each and every journey and we will do everything in our power to make this a positive experience for everyone involved. We will treat everyone with respect as we develop a close, caring and supportive relationship with each person so that a relationship continues long after the cycle is completed. We really believe each journey is special!

Please contact our office if you have any more questions about continuing with your surrogacy process.