International Couples

Surrogacy in Canada is legal; it just has some restrictions that we will guide you through. Coming to Canada for IVF is not a new concept, as many people seek fertility treatments that they cannot receive where they live.

Due to the current favourable exchange rate of the Canadian Dollar to many other currencies, particularly the Euro, the British Pound and Japanese Yen, and our social medical system, it may even be more cost effective for people to seek fertility treatment in Canada rather than elsewhere.

We work closely with lawyers that will guide the Intended Parents through all avenues such as: passport acquisition; hospital birth registry, and; the birth certificate for newborns. Did you know that in certain provinces in Canada you can have both Intended Parents names placed on the birth certificate without a DNA test? This allows Indented Parents that are using an egg and or sperm donor an unique opportunity to be listed as the parents on the birth certificate with the assistance of a lawyer. Given that there are many decisions to be made regarding non-Canadian citizens, intended parents must be well informed and educated about the advantages and disadvantages of various options. This is critical to the decision – making process at birth, as it can greatly affect the ability to legally return to your home country with your child(ren) as well as impact the future lifestyle of your new family unit.

With clients across the world, ANU Fertility Consulting has also established relationships with people that offer translator services in such languages as: French, German, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish. Some of our other services include arranging transportation to and from the airport, hotel or apartment accommodation, rental of a car and booking flights for Intended Parents and your Surrogate, if necessary.

Contact us in our BC, Canada office to discuss how we can help you coordinate your personalized Canadian – based fertility plan.