It’s All Work AND Play

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A baby is born of a clean, untouched canvas that will one day endure scars, bruises, bumps, or whatever comes their way, but when they are born, they are literally new. New to their life, new to this world, new to the developing generation, and new to being physically loved in the arms of their parent(s). You try so hard to protect this perfect little being but no matter what, it somehow always ends up that they walk away without a care after a trip, fall, or bump. We, as parents over react more than they do because all they know is love and freedom, they don’t care about anything once they have their parent(s) comfort them and reassure them it is all okay, when come on…deep inside, we are freaking out going, crap! Great, now they have a bruise or a mark…You feel careless as a parent for not watching them closely or ‘trusting’ someone to much or whatever, but we just over react on everything. Don’t deny it haha! I do it ALL THE TIME.

I’ll start off with this – On August 28th, 2015, I returned to Toronto to do another Beta test in hopes that my levels had doubled! Sure enough – my number came back at 1,730! Which is actually 102 over the expected double number! woohoo!! Grow little embryo grow! So, last night (August 30th) I got to go to work! I love my job. Being a Birth Photographer is just the best thing I had ever decided to do, and it’s in the field of obstetrics which I am just in love with. So, off I went to the hospital and as I stood there capturing these perfect moments in such an intimate and beautiful event in our lives, I thought – wow! This is going to be me again in about 9 months! How absolutely thrilling! It’s the beauty of life. I was actually pregnant and going to be going through birth to deliver a child to an amazing couple.

Last night, I learnt a few things too! Our bodies are so amazing capable of doing remarkable things. Like January Harshe from Birth Without Fear (on Facebook) said; “Vaginas do open, babies do come out.” How incredibly true is that! But this mama rocked her baby down and out with amazing glory at her own pace with the help of her incredible Midwife (and assistant midwife)! So, as of last night, I have now learned a new love for Midwives!

This midwife helped the labouring mama while she leant on dad for support and even gave us all a grand ‘tour’ of the placenta once the baby was born! I mean, I’ve never seen so much strength and unity in one room (even for my birth – there was ups and downs but I don’t recall a lot of the working together, just some haze I have unfortunately).I was just simply amazed. Also, last night’s baby was actually a surprise gender baby – which came out a beautiful baby girl! I mean, hello!! I’d go nuts not knowing what I was having haha! (Which my IP’s have made aware that they will be finding out the gender – yay!) so I am just in awe of how amazing life really is. Seeing someone go through so much pain to get such a beautiful reward of a blank canvass they can call their own to raise and love with every ounce of their soul – and that is exactly what surrogacy is like…offering someone that blank canvass to be painted with love and unity.

This blog truly doesn’t have any specific meaning behind it, I just felt the need to brag about how awesome clients are and how much I love my job as a Birth Photographer! And how proud I am to be carrying a baby for an amazing couple <3 being a surrogate is awesome!! And I sooo want it do it a few times haha! Anyway, rant off! Have a great night 😀 I am off to bed!

Lots of love Xx