My Cocktail Isn’t Strong Enough!

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Okay, so, before I got pregnant with my daughter, I was always so quick to jump into “I’m sick, I needs medication”. Then I got pregnant and now, I am all like, “Nope! Don’t need any medication, I am fine!” And I am stubborn as hell when it comes to anything, even for a migraine. Then there is me now…Good grief!!

So, I started off the cycle with the Lupron Depot shot (aka HUGE FREAKIN NEEDLE IN MY BUTT…which didn’t hurt actually) and Aspirin 81 mg once a night, then of course I started a prenatal vitamin , which I have a bad history with as they make me ill, but this time everything is great so far, and I have gone with the Kirkland Prenatals which you can get at any Costco. Then, I went to taking two pills every morning and every night for the Estrace (which makes 6 pills a day) and now starting yesterday morning I started 100 mg of Doxycycline twice a day which brings me a grand total of 8 pills a day! Medication cocktail anyone? You would think I was a walking drug store!

So, I am now taking the Doxycycline (which is an antibiotic) as a precaution to avoid any infections that may occur before or during the transfer, so it is a “just-in-case” medication which I totally understand and am quite thankful that they are taking care of my well being. But, the bottle I was given from the clinic stated what the medication is and how much it is and how many to take a day, however, it doesn’t state whether it should be taken with food or without food, or whatever.

Sure enough, just my luck, I take it with no food (because I wasn’t hungry as well) and within a matter of minutes I got nauseated and felt like puking! I swore it was like morning sickness all over again. Yikes. So I drank a Coke and the bubbles helped to reduce the nausea then asked ANU’s Founder (Lorraine) since she is actually a medical professional as well, and she recommended I eat something with it so I did and it helped a lot! Noted. So, now, I make sure that when I take all the medications, I eat immediately after! I’m going to be eating more than I have the last however long soon so might as well start now!! haha! Here is to gaining weight for the best reasons!

Tomorrow, I have my appointment with the clinic to do my Endometrial Lining Assessment so I am looking forward to that! Then if everything is okay, it’s 5 days from then. These past two months have gone by so fast! But I am very very excited to be blessed enough yo do this journey with my IP’s as I KNOW they deserve this and are ready to complete their family. Anyay, It is an early night for me, I just wanted to quickly update everyone before tomorrow morning!

Lots of Love Xx