Positively Thrilled!

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I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly excited I am to write this portion into my surro-journey. I’M PREGNANT!! That’s right! Our IVF transfer was successful, and as of today, I am ‘4 weeks’ pregnant according to my clinic!

Funny thing is, I’ve known for a while…I could legitimately feel it within me. At 5dp3dt (5 days past 3-day transfer) I was sitting on the floor with my daughter and I took hold of her and picked us both up from the floor and as I stood, I felt this sharp stab in my uterus that had a bit of cramping after, and that’s when I knew it had worked. I had been confident from that start – and don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t always work so someone can be as cocky as they want but I feel for those surro-mamas out there who have had failed transfers, it doesn’t make you a failure, it happens. So, I knew in my heart and according to my body that the 3-day embryo had taken its place comfortably in my endometrium, I was excited.

I tried so hard no to POAS (Pee on a stick) but finally, on Day 7, I went to Wal-Mart and got a pregnancy test and peed on it. I was shocked to see the faintest line!! It was a + sign! The hardest part, was NOT telling my IP’s (because I was informed in my contract that I wasn’t allowed) and man was it ever hard. I kept testing everyday (except day 9 because I was really busy) and it gradually got darker! I was so relieved and happy but scared at the same time. All I want, is to see my IP’s have a healthy happy baby, and I didn’t want to disappoint them.

Well, I kind of broke down and went a little rebellious (whoops) on Day 13 and messaged one of my IP’s and told them how I already knew I was pregnant and then after being asked if I had tested, I sent him a video of the test I had taken that day! It was a FRER (First Response Early Reader) and within moments, it popped up two bright pink lines. He was soooo happy!!! And that was the moment I knew that this was going to be an amazing journey! Well, today is 14dpt (14 days past transfer) and I had my First Beta test! I got to Toronto and did my blood work and got a new stock up of my oh so lovely medication *not* and then headed to my step-sisters to pick up my daughter.

Originally, I was informed that it would be about 2-3 hours before the result would come in, but I had called them about a half an hour later once I arrived at my step-sister’s apartment to inform them that they had actually given me the wrong gage of needle head for the replacement and that the one they gave me was huge and left a huge hole in my rear end – ya…ouch, but it had to be done, i’m not risking anything! Well, they told me that they were actually out of stock of the gage I required (wonderful.) and to go to a pharmacy and exchange the size, but the nurse also caught me before I hung up saying that she had my results.

I had everything crossed at this moment, I was praying that they were good numbers and that the embryo was doing okay! And music to my ears! I was told that my Beta was 814 (which is great for being 14dpt) but my progesterone levels were low. So there was a mixture of good and could be better news. They explained that my body may have been having a hard time taking in the progesterone so they increased my Ethyl Oleate dose from 1 mL to 2 mL a day, and 4 vaginal progesterone suppositories instead of 3. Oh well! So I have to add a bit more into my body, it’s worth it! I’m just thankful that the embryo took and is doing great! That is all I want! So here I am, encouraging ‘Embie F’ to grow!!

Once I got off the phone with the clinic, I FaceTimed my IP’s who were also in their vehicle and I told them I had a question. I started it off with “Are you ready to be dads?” their response was synchronized with a “YES!” and I had the biggest smile on my face as I said “Well, congratulations! You’re pregnant! You are going to be dads” – they literally were speechless with excitement! You could see it in their faces on how excited they were, it melted my heart! I cannot WAIT to see them as parents, they are going to be amazing!

So, I go back in 2 days and have more blood drawn to see if everything has doubled and if my progesterone has adjusted itself properly! Hopefully it has! So I want to say this – DO NOT GIVE UP TRYING! It will happen, sometimes and unfortunately, it takes time! Anyone going through infertility or who has gone through it, can tell you that. The wait is worth it, I promise. Thank you guys for following my blog! I’ll update you more often once things settle a bit in my world. For now, it’s all about ‘Embie F’ and his/her journey into making their appearance into this world in 9 months or less!


Lots of love, Good night Xx