The Beauty In Love

 In Surrogates


Love; It means unconditional, painful, sacrificial, eternal, it means equality. On June 26th, 2015, the United States of America proudly *and finally* celebrated the equality that is deserved as it was declared that Same-Sex Marriage was officially legal! Congratulations U.S.A!

Of course, we have had Same-Sex Marriage legal in Canada for 10 years now, so it isn’t new to us, however it is something we congratulate and applaud for the U.S.A. as the tension within the LGBTQ Community lifts remarkably knowing that they have the legal opportunity to make their love written “in stone” so they can proudly brag about it publicly (hehe). Seeing as how I myself, am Bi-Sexual and proud, and also have many friends from the U.S.A, I decided to dress my daughter in a beautiful little rainbow dress that her Nonna got her, as a public announcement of our pride for such an exciting day!

Now, with this day being about love, and equality, I will also proudly announce that I am actually matched with a Same-Sex couple who I find are more than deserving of completing their family. When I was offered the opportunity, I jumped at it before Nathan (ANU’s People Services Advisor) even had the chance to finish his sentence. I was beyond thrilled! There was nothing more exciting to me than having a baby for a deserving couple, but for a Same-Sex couple to boot! I was over the moon was actually on my “Bucket List”. So, my profile was sent to them, theirs was sent to mine and together we felt such a connection to each other, so we proceeded ahead and did our 3-way call to formally introduce ourselves!

Here at ANU, we treat everyone the same, because we all are. We are all human, no matter who we love, what family we are born to, what religion, etc. And with that, we support Same-Sex couples and their desires to complete their family like anyone else! And personally, if I do say myself, my IP’s (Intended Parent’s) are absolutely amazing just in themselves, and they deserve this just like anyone else, if not more. Just messaging them, I can feel their excitement and love they have for this whole journey, which of course for them and myself, can be very emotional and nerve-wracking, but together, with communication and love, we are making this the best journey possible for them. It’s unconditional love.

So, with that being said, I am making this short and saying adieu! Have a great night/day, and may you find some form of love to enlighten the darkness in your days when needed.