Try, Try, Again.

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Okay, look…when I said I don’t mind needles, I never said I loved them and wanted to have one in my body everyday for the next 12+ weeks, LOL. Take this number to mind, 88; When I first started the Ethyl Oleate shots, from the first day to the last day, it would be 88 individual injects. Ouch?

So, I went to my appointment on Friday, August 7th, I got the medication and I was told to start it on August 8th. So, there I was, woke up on the early morning of August 8th, looking like a ratty rag-doll that had lost themselves in their bed over the night, and up I stumbled to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, was hilarious. I felt so sexy.

I gathered all the stuff I needed for the new morning routine, including: The needle, the separate and thinner needle head, the alcohol swab, the Ethyl Oleate fluid that is safe contained in a pill bottle, the Progesterone suppository and then the pills (Doxycyline, Estrace, and a prenatal). I was going to videotape the first time doing it, but due to a very demanding (but adorable) 8 month old…I couldn’t do it in the time span she gave me before beckoning for me.

I took out the Ethyl Oleate fluid and put it on the counter as I ripped open the alcohol swab to clean the top of the bottle containing the fluid, and then put it down to use shortly after. Next, I took out the needle from the sealed package and pulled the bottom part back so that I now had about 1.5 mL of air in the chamber. I proceeded to stick the needle in the top of the bottle (justy barely in the bottle since the fluid levels would lower as fluid went into the chamber, that way I didn’t get any air bubbles) and flipped it upside down and slowly pushed the air into the bottle, then withdrew the fluid until it reached 1.5 mL again. This was another way to prevent air bubbles. So, I pushed some of the fluid back into the bottle so that I had exactly 1 mL of Ethyl Oleate and I tipped it back down and pulled the needle out.

I put the Ethyl Oleate back into the pill bottle and went back to the needle. I recapped it and put it down and removed the other needle head from the package. I twisted the *pink* needle head off and replaced it with the *blue* needle head and safely discarded the *pink* needle head. I took the alcohol swab and wiped at the spot on my body I was going to inject and then, the fun part. So here I am, a little confused by the paper as it looks like they pointed to the diagram’s hips, so I chose a spot and slowly pushed the needle into my back up by my hip…wrong move. So, I’m a dumb*** and put it WAY to high on my body, as it is an intramuscular injection and I am great with the knowledge of reproductive systems but the rest of the body, forget it, haha!

So, I injected the fluid into my hip and removed the needle, and watched as all the fluid poured out of my hip – more like, my fat. Lovely…first attempt, fail. So, I went a little lower after going thorough the whole process all over again and finally it stayed there. I put a bandaid on it after recapping the needle and discarded it. I was actually quite sore afterwards but that is because I later found out that YET AGAIN, I put it in the wrong part of my body…for the love of the gods.

So, for those who are going to be do the shots, here is my advice to you; Take your finger and go from the top of your butt crack and then make a straight line to the outter part of your butt. If you press, you should feel like you are pushing a muscle, THAT is where you are supposed to inject your Ethyl Oleate shot…Why couldn’t that have been explained to me, that is so much easier than trying to find out where the heck they are outlining on a dang diagram of some skinny woman on the paper. Sheesh! Then of course, I inserted the suppository, and took the pills and went on with my day.

Anyway, everything went well after that, I learnt how to do it and now do it every morning with no problems! I also alternate between sides because it helps to reduce swelling, pain, and bruising! Some needles down, however many to go.

Lots of Love Xx