What A Pain In The Butt! – No, Seriously.

 In Surrogates

Let’s talk needles. First thing that comes to mind, uh…ouch? Ha! Oh no, no! I have absolutely no problem with needles at all, in fact, I have had more than 10 pierce my skin at one time, more than once (gotta love those crazy tattoo’d mamas, right?) but good grief, I thought a tetanus needle was long, HA! Boy, was I ever fooled. So, I was waiting for my standard bloodwork and urine analysis to come back which would take approximately 2 weeks time, which unfortunately, left me quite close to the time I was supposed to start my Lupron Depot shot (July 4th) and with Canada Day falling on a Wednesday, the timing was palm-sweating considering I feared that my entire protocol would have to be pushed forward (which would totally suck for me and my IP’s).

Well, luckily, I got the everything is perfect and awesome on Thursday, June 2nd, but only problem was that they only ship the medication within specific days so I was left with no choice but to make the road trip up to the clinic to get the medication myself so that I could take it all on time. Although I felt the complete fear of bringing my daughter with me (well, because it is a fertility clinic – meant for those who are struggling to have a baby) I still went ahead and brought her because I wasn’t just going to drop her off with someone I didn’t know for a matter of less than 30 minutes.

I signed in and waited for them to call me in so I could get the medication required with instructions, and while waiting, I met another amazing couple and their surrogate who were there for an ultrasound to check on their little bub. While we all waited, we chatted and they told me about their journey and I told them how I was just starting mine and they actually played and held my daughter (which they asked)! *whew* I’m not upsetting anyone…there is a sigh of relief. Not to long after, I was called in by a nurse who took me to one of the offices and told me about the medication and that’s when she pulled out the…thing. The longest needle I had ever seen with some seriously advanced design for injection, it had to have easily been 2.5 inches long, EASILY.

Now, originially, I was supposed to take the Lupron Depot on July 4th, as I mentioned earlier, but I was offered the choice of doing it on that day instead, and considering how it was explained and how BIG the needle was, I straight out looked at her and said, “So, does a day make a difference? Cause I can’t push that big *** needle into me…” haha! Good grief!! She laughed, so did I, and my daughter just stared blankly as she knawed on my keys…ugh, teething. She took the needle out of the package, attached the white plastic portion to the bottom of the syringe and then placed it within her hands and rolled it like dough (not shake, rolled). She then twisted some dial on the bottom portion, and very slowly pushed the liquid into the powder tank of the syringe and then rolled it again. Once it was all combined, and there was no chunks left over, she slowly pushed it into the upper tank and clipped off the needle guard. Oh the fun part.

She wiped off the spot she intended to poke me at and then pinched the fat together and in it went. To my surprise, it wasn’t painful at all! It was scarier than it looks but wasn’t painful. She placed  a bandaid on me and away we went. My daughter and I stayed in the lobby for a few minutes longer because I had to change and feed her, and we also found out that the couple I had met earlier, had just discovered that their transferred embryos had actually split and they were now expecting triplets! *Ha…no thank you LOL* I congratulated them as they left and finished feeding my daughter.

Everything was awesome, until about half an hour later, I started aching, and it felt like I had to crack my lower back. It was incredibly annoying, actually. It dissipated, and that’s when I started melting. Driving back, I swore I felt like I was going through Menopause. One second, I was sweating my rear-end off, and then the next I was cold; my poor daughter wasn’t to sure what to think so she just sat there quietly in her car-seat…ha, cutie. So for the following few days, I experienced some irritability, intense hot flashes, and a very sore hip/butt, not to mention my VERY sexy bruise and little red dot. But in the end, I just keep telling myself that this is what I wanted, and what I am excited to do and it is all worth it in the end! So, bring on those crazy big needles if it means my IP’s get a baby (or two…but definitely not three…I like my hoo-haw…LOL).

As it stand right now, I am taking the standard 81 mg of Aspirin to help regulate the flow of blood to my uterus in preparation for the transfer, but I will blog more when I have the chance! I wish you all a happy and safe (almost) upcoming weekend! Lots of love. Xx