What To Expect – Screening

The screening is performed by a Psychologist who specializes in working with surrogates and infertile families. The screening is to ensure that a surrogate fully understands the emotional ramifications of surrogacy with a personal consultation with the Psychologist. The Psychologist will provide a written report and a recommendation regarding the ability of the surrogate to perform the duties of a surrogate.


The medical screening is performed to ensure that the surrogate is physically capable of undergoing the surrogacy process. She will also be tested for sexually transmitted or other transmissible diseases which will include HIV and Hepatitis B & C. An ultrasound and vaginal cultures will also be required. A basic clinic requirement is to not get any new tattoos or body piercings for one year before she can act as a surrogate. This is highly recommended for Intended Parents as well. This is due to the risk of infectious diseases.

The sexual partner of the surrogate and Intended Parent MUST be screened for sexually transmitted diseases. There is a very strong possibility of a urine screening or hair follicle testing for drugs.

If the surrogate is not already taking oral contraceptives, she may receive a prescription for birth control. These are given to help regulate the surrogate’s cycle and will allow the physician to coordinate her cycle with that of the egg donor or intended parent. She may be asked to start birth control prior to having the contract signed so that an IVF center can begin to synchronize the cycles of the surrogate with that of the intended mother – egg donor.